On 28th May 1787 John Stein became the registered owner of the Ceres of Kennet Pans. This ship was built at Kincardine by John Marshall and launched on 20th April 1787.

She was a Square Sterned Carval Brigantine and she had one deck and two masts, she was 74ft 2in long and 21ft 10in wide. The depth of her hold was 11ft 6in and she was 143 tons.


Alloa Customs Records, Collectors Quarterly Accounts
Kincardine Shipping Details, Entries relating to the Ceres


No. 1, 5 Jun. In the Ceres of Kincardine, Thomas Jameson, Junior Master for England, James Stein, Agent.

680 pieces Green Bacon, weighing 21 Tons 5 Hundred weight & 3 casks Offall Pork weighing 21 Hundred weight, All which Bacon & Pork is Cured with 189 Bushels Scots Salt for which as by Permit and Affidavit here lodged, the Scots Duty of 1 Shilling and 6d per Bushel is paid at the Pans; And the difference betwixt the Scots and English Duty on the said Salt now due on going to England; Of 3 Shillings and 6 pence per Bushel, is now paid      33-1-6


No. 12, 14 Aug. In the Ceres of Kennet Pans, Thomas Jameson, Junior, Master from Ostend, The Master for John Stein, Agent 

570 Winchester Quarters Rye, to be landed at Kennet Pans in the County of Clackmannan, that County being now open for the importation of Rye at the low Duties per Sheriff’s Certificate of the 6th Instant. Here lodged, the Duty whereof at 3d per Quarter is     7-2-6
10 Bags contg. 5 Hundred weight Juniper Berries,  1-2-1





Transcription of Shipping Register


No. One Hundred & five E.

In pursuance of an Act, passed in the Twenty-sixth Year of the Reign of King

GEORGE the Third, Intitled, An Act for the further Increase and Encouragement of

Shipping and Navigation, John Stein at Kennet Pans,

District of Alloa, Parish and County of Clackmannan 

having taken and subscribed the Oath required by the Act, and having sworn that 

He Himself is 

sole Owner of the Ship or Vessel called The Ceres of

 Kennetpans whereof Thomas Jamieson junior

is at present Master, and that the said Ship or Vessel was built at Kincardine


by John Marshall and launched on the 20th April, In the year One

Thousand seven hundred & eighty seven And Mr John Watson Landwaiter

having certified to Us, that the said Ship or Vessel is Br. Built has One Deck

and Two Masts: that her Length, from the Fore-part of the Main Stem to the

After-part of the Stern Post aloft, is Seventy four feet and two Inches

Her Breadth at the broadest Part, whether above or below the Main Wales, Twenty

One feet ten Inches her Depth of Hold Eleven feet six Inches

and measures One hundred & forty three Tons; that she

is a Square Sterned Carval Brigantine has No Gallery, and No

Head; and the said subscribing Owners having consented and agreed to the above

Description and Measurement, and having caused sufficient Security to be given, as

is required by the said Act, the said Brigantine Ceres has been

duly registered at the Port of Alloa.


Given under Our Hands and Seals of Office, at the Custom-house in the said port

of Alloa this Twenty eighth Day of May

in the Year One thousand seven hundred and eighty seven.


          West McIntyre for the Collector.

          James Ure Controller.



                     Certificate of British Plantation Registry


See Original Shipping Register