Despite Kennetpans demise as a distillery in 1825, it is the most significant building remaining in Scotland that evolved directly from to the industrialisation of the 18th century and the vision of the Stein family. In essence, it is part of the DNA of the modern whisky industry worldwide.

That it and its surroundings are so complete is remarkable in this day and age and it deserves to be preserved as a landmark to the heritage of the whisky industry and those who helped build it into the worldwide success it is today. Kennetpans is the ground zero of the whisky industry.

Neil Wilson

Whisky Historian, Writer and Publisher

If any part of Scotland’s distilling industry, indeed its whole industrial legacy, deserves to be saved Kennetpans is surely it.

Ian Buxton

Whisky Writer Keeper of the Quaich (Ex Group Marketing Director for Glenmorangie)

It is difficult to over-estimate the importance of Kennetpans Distillery, founded in the 1720s by the leading distiller of the 18th Century, John Stein, who might be described as ‘the Father of Commercial Whisky Distilling’.

The site is of great importance to the industrial archeological heritage of Scotland. Given the huge and growing interest in Scotch whisky around the world, it also has potential as a place of pilgrimage for whisky tourists and enthusiasts – the ever-growing numbers of such visitors (published by VisitScotland) speak for themselves. It would be nothing short of a tragedy if the site was left to vanish.

Charles Mclean

Charles MacLean, W.S., M.A., LL.B., F.S.A.(Scot) Master of the Quaich Whisky Writer

Kennetpans was where distilling left the farmyards and became a true industry. The birth place of commercial distilling.

Brian Townsend

Whisky Historian and Writer

In terms of its importance to whisky, Kennetpans is worth 10 of Lindores Abbey

Ian Buxton

Whisky Writer Keeper of the Quaich Ex Group Marketing Director for Glenmorangie

Restoration of the distillery, which is the spiritual home of Haig whisky, could enhance and promote the ‘House of Haig’ brand for many years to come. As a marketing professional myself,supporting this project seems like a ‘no brainer’ for a company like Diageo if they truly care about their whisky heritage.This ruin deserves and needs to be saved for Scotland and the world of Scotch whisky

Stuart McNamara

Whisky Afficionado & Writer Founder of the Haig Whisky Club

Kennetpans, the birthplace of the Scottish Whisky Industry, the very Genesis of all things #Scotch, lies unloved and in ruins. We created modern Distilling, gave it to the World and this is how much Scotland cares about this unique and frankly incredible historical legacy. We don’t. Not one bit. Its a disgrace

Victor Brierly

Co-founder of the Whisky Ambassador Ltd

The Stein …. family founded Scotland’s – indeed the world’s – first industrial distillery

Ian Buxton

Ex Group Marketing Director for Glenmorangie

The distilleries founded by the Steins …were the largest manufacturing undertaking of any kind to emerge during the first decade of the Industrial Revolution in Scotland” (of which Kennetpans was the first).

Professor John R. Hume

Whisky Historian Writer

Kennetpans is of great importance in the history of the whisky industry but the story that will unfold, as more is discovered from the site and from written records, will touch upon not only distilling but upon the wider aspects of Scotland’s industrial past – building techniques, agriculture, coastal trade, harbour construction, the installation of Bolton & Watt steam engines etc.

The extensive buildings are in remarkably good condition, there is plenty of evidence remaining that should allow good interpretation. Hopefully we will get an insight into the lives of those who were linked to this very atmospheric site, whatever their status

Malcolm Brown

MA Ind.Archaeology, AssocRINA, PG Cert (MA SEN), Associate ICON Consultant Industrial Archaeologist Appointed Consultant - Heritage Lottery Fund