This website is a culmination of seven year’s research on a subject largely forgotten so it has not been an easy journey.

We do not doubt that some of the script may have errors and we may have missed important points but the whole purpose of this website is to source as much information about Kennetpans as is humanely possible.

We would be grateful for your comments and any contributions would be appreciated. Please write to .

First of all, I would like to say as huge thanks to Ernie Brown for all the information he has kindly supplied. Because there is such a vast amount I am still working my way through it all. Hopefully, some of it at least will be ready to be added in the very near future. Thanks Ernie.


It would appear we have the Irish talking. See their forum ‘I didn’t know this about Jameson’.


Read comments about the ruin from whisky writers and historians


I found your site today after photographing the ruins (see my blog at I must say this is an excellent and fascinating site…so much information about a place very near to my home I knew nothing about. I’m going to spend some time reading all the material you have.

Well done on preserving this bit of history and good luck with the fund raising.


Jon Marshall Tullibody