Transcription of letter

Kennetpans (by Alloa N.B.) 7th Aug. 1786

I should be glad to know upon what terms You would furnish & Errect for me a steam engine on your new constructed plan with your Albion Mill – the One I want would be with a sufficient power to drive One pair stones at one time for the Grinding of Barley for distillation, say at Same time the Size you think such Stones should be, what I just now use are 5 feet over by 13 or 14 Inches thick drove by a wind Mill – In the new errection I would have two pairs Stones placed so as one pair might be dressing and roading, while the other pair was at work – Any meason or Brick work necessary on errecting the building, that I will perform as you cannot so well estimate that part, it depending on the Situation, house &.

In your estimate be pleased to say how soon you could have the whole matterials sent here errected & Compleat.

In the errection I do not apprehend You would have occasion to send down more than two proper work men there being Mill Wrights & Smiths in this neighbourhood who could be got on moderate terms to assist in puting up the Engine and other Machinery –

One of our principle Mill Wrights, I believe your Mr Watt may be acquainted with him, his name is George Meickle, Son to Andrew Meickle at Know Milne near Dunbar.

I will expect your Answer in course of two or three posts from the rec. of this letter, and if we agree upon the errection of this engine with all the different grinding apparatus compleat (Mill Stones excepted as they are to be got pretty good in this neighbourhood) there will be a necessity for its being done before the wett weather and Winter set in this place being on the side of the Firth of Forth in a Karse where our roads are miserably bad in winters.

I am
Your most ob ser
John Stein

Thanks to William Whitehead from proof reading this transcription