Transcription of letter

Kennetpans 25th Sept 1786
Mess. Bolton & Watt


Your favour of 12th Curr.t came duly to my hand to which I would write you in course but was from home for some days. I observe you have a Steam Engine nearly finnished for grinding of barley, and that you wish I would wait the result were it to be finnished in course of 10 or 14 days I would be well pleased to wait, that you might be satisfied with the exact power, but unless it were to be compleated in 14 days, I shall have no hesitation in your ordering the necessary materials for my Engine of a power to work two pair Mill stones, from what I have seen I am convinced they should be at least 4 feet 8 inches diameter. I would not there fore have you think of making  them up, Raw Barley particularly our Scots grain is werse to seperate than fine barleys they have at the London market. This is my reason for wishing a sufficiency of power to command the work with ease. Eight Horses power with proper Machinery should be about sufficient. However  as you say Ten Horses, I am satisfied that you rate it at that power on the terms you propose. What I now have to request is that you order the whole apparatus with all possible speed to be provided & forwarded for this without loss of time. I am sensible proper experienced work men are difficult to be had, yet in the present case where I can asure you my work is truly pressing give me therefore leave to intreat as a favour, you give immediate orders that the whole machinery necessary to be made with you, and Mr Wilkinsons foundry be made & forwarded for this with all possible speed. I would be greatly disappointed were it to be so long in getting compleated as 4, 5 or 6 months. I would fain hope by your streatching a point to serve me, that you may have the whole here & compleated in 8,10 or at most 12 weeks.

I know Mr James Haig at Cannonmills as also my brother James Stein are about giving your orders for two more Engines but as I was the first that enquired after your terms, but so long without your answer, that I now expect you will push forward my order in the most expeditious manner.

What of the materials you have to send from London, Mssrs Sandeman & Graham will inform you of the Vessels that are every few days coming direct from this place, so as to shipt by them. If any part comes from New Castle or Hull river Cause these be sent by first vessel for Alloa, Kincardine, Carron, Bo’ness or Leith advising me when & by whom shipped that I may order a small vessel on their arrival to bring the materials from either of these places direct for this.

In the mean time I must farther beg you write me in course & point out what part of the work may be got carried forward here, with a draught of it. I will get it done by your directions, say also the size & model of the House, that I may be getting it built & rooffed before the frost setts in. I have wrote you a double of this & addressed it to you at Birm. in case you be there should be there when this arrives in London. As it  would be so very inconvenient for me to wait longer than 10 or 12 weeks at most from this date to have my Engine errected be pleased to write me in due course whether you can under take to compleat her in that time or not.

P. Turn Over

I am with regard
Your most Ob. Ser.
John Stein

Thanks to William Whitehead from proof reading this transcription