Kennetpans 23rd Oct 1786


I wrote you the 19th Curr to which referr I then took notice the way in which a low Granery I have of two storry stood , and that I was to place the Mill in the North east corner of it. I also took notice as I then thought from a hurried look of your plan, the height that the different floors should be from one another in order that you might correct it in course of post should I been wrong. Now on looking over your plan more deliberatly, I find the whole hight as from my situation I cannot find any part of it below the surface to be 3 feet below the letter R to the top of the second floor must be 19 feet – and the height 3 feet below the letter S to the top of the second floor 12 feet 6 in – then from top of second floor to top of the third floor is 10 feet 6 in & from the third floor to levelling of Wall heads 6 feet should I be wrong be pleased to put me to rights in course. Mr Meickle is not yet come home but I have taken my sqair or house carpenter Mr Chalmers and desired him to make a skeatch of the Mill house as he thinks from Your plan it should be executed, if ready in time it will be here more inclosed, if not it will be sent you by the following post.

In my last you would observe I wished my Mill stones for the bar’y 4 feet 8 in. I am still of opinion they should be that or at least 4 feet 6 in. One pair of these bar’y stones to go at a time. At same time one pair of the Small stones – the boiler – by your plan seems only 5 feet 6 in diameter & the cylinder 17in, these may be sufficient yet I am affraid to work one pair of the bar’y stones, & one pair of the small stones, on Malt Wheat or Rye that this power ought to be enlarged as I know in all these opperations that a command of power is agreeable – allow me therefore to request that you concider the Size of the bar’y stones & that they are one pair of the small Stones may be drove at same time, with a full power – as I know it is agreeable to be an Engine going when too much loaded & a small triffle of expence in the enlarging the Boiler & Cylinder would ill saved.

I begin to found the meason part of my house tomorrow, the materials & drawings that lyes with you, I beg they be executed & forwarded with all possible haste, as also one or two principle hands who are acquainted in makeing & puting the whole up. I observe your Mr Malls is about going on a journey soon should it be to any part of Scotland, I would be happy could he come this way & pays a little time here.

I am with regards
Your mo Ob Serv John Stein
P.S. It will be obliging you have in your hands a proper Engine man or reather two for working of the engine. JS

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