Transcription of letter

Kennetpans by Alloa NB 13 Nov 1786


I wrote you the 9th Currt to which I refer, since what I am favd with pair Mr Malls letter of 4th Insts  where in he says he had (prevaibe) with Mt Deane to give up the 20 inch cylinder order for him, and that he has ordered it by first ship from Chester or Liverpool for London, or if none going that way in course of three weeks to send it by way of Clyde care of Mr Gilbert Hamilton.

In order to save time I will take my chance of this 20 inch cylinder, only keep it as much in view in course of your drawings & erections for the other part of the Matchinery, that were I at any time wishing to make an enlargement that I might have it in my power to do it on as easy an expense as possible.

I do not think I will have occasion yet were it happening to be the case, that you have such part of the Matchinery so calculate as it might be done at a small expense.

I request that you forward the cylinder & every part of the Matchinery that lyes with you by very first vessels either for London or Clyde as may offer and in course let me have such directions as Mr Meickle maybe going on with the Millwright part also the Smith work that may come under his directions like way any observations that you may have to make if any, anent the Mill stones which I provide here.

I have ordered an opening of 15 feet in height by 3 feet wide to be left in the wall of the Mill to take in the fly wheel opposite to where it is to be placed. Yours forwarding this work with all possible speed will greatly oblige.


Your most Ob Serv

John Stein

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