The world’s first commercial distillery

‘where distilling left the farmyards and became a true industry’

The distillery that formed the Scottish and Irish whisky industries as we know them today.

Almost 200 years from its closure, the Kennetpans legacy still lives on

To this day both the Haig brand and the largest Irish brand (Jamesons) have their roots at Kennetpans, not to mention Europe’s largest spirit distillery (Cameronbridge).

Last but not least, the Steins founded the export market for Scotch whisky which is now worth over £4.25 billion to the Scottish economy.

I challenge anyone to name a distillery past or present that has impacted more, not only our whisky industry, but on the industrialisation of Scotland.

Kennetpans is not a lost distillery, it is a lost legend – ‘The Ground Zero of the whisky industry’.

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The distillery buildings at Kennetpans have stood the test of time for almost three hundred years and are now in need of some serious restoration.